Depending on needs of a particular business, we develop the following types of sites:

Sites – small – it is a representation of the company on the Internet. Through this site, customers can not only find you and learn about your products, but also learn more about the prices and conditions of your work, as well as the location of the company. But most importantly – the business card site gives you a great opportunity to show your business in a favorable light, to emphasize your competitive edge. Thanks to the site of a small potential customers can get in touch with you online, and sometimes independently calculate the value of a given amount of production, using special applications.
The cost of manufacturing site of a small – from 6000 CZK.

Landing-Page, created to promote a single product or seasonal, such as training, concert or public event. This is a one informative site, which may be an adjunct to the main site of the company. The main emphasis here is on visual appeal and page effectiveness, because it was she who should bring visitors not only pleasant emotion, confidence and desire to buy a service or product, but also to specify a simple and easy way to do it, and in some cases imprinted in memory. After all, customers like to make informed decisions, and they often return just to remember Page.
The cost of creating Landing-Paige – from 4000 CZK.

Internet shop – it is more complex and severe portal, often bringing passive income to the owner. Internet shops, as opposed to business sites that just talk about, sell products directly to the firm and its products. Such sites tend to have a more complex internal structure and a lot of individual pages, as well as a built-in system of communication with clients, payment and sending the goods.
The cost of creating an online store – from 12 000 CZK.

Besides functional nature, the sites can be divided into categories based on the level of complexity of their manufacture:

Template Sites – good for small private businesses do not impose serious requirements to the artistic value and originality. These web pages are just beautiful and comfortable, as well as all the other categories, but already a bit limited given patterns. But they are simple and clear as the owners of the site and its visitors.
Individual sites – this page specially designed for your company, taking into account both art and custom, technical and marketologicheskih wishes of the customer.
Exclusive sites are best suited for large companies who are fighting for their image, as well as those areas where it is important to design originality and versatility.