Nowadays promotion in search engines is one of the most profitable marketing investment.
1. Customers know what they want and find your site when they are well aware of their needs. This means that your page gets visitors who are interested and ready to make a purchase or order your service.
2. Customers find you when it suits them, and therefore they are willing to cooperate.
3. Internet visitors are much more likely to trust the search engines than, say, advertising, because consider the issuance of a search objective.
4. After your page reached the desired position in the search results, in most cases slight seo support is enough to maintain the result. It means you can reduce your advertising costs.
We can say that once well organized optimization and promotion is a very effective advertising for the long term.
We do optimization and promotion to help Google or Yandex show your site on the first page. Optimization starts with the selection of key phrases – words or phrases for which you want visitors to find your site. Our experts say that list with the customer. Here you can also get free advice from a marketer, and take into account not only regional and expediency, and especially psychology future buyers.
Further, all the texts of the site are reviewed based on keywords, in addition verified by the text originality , correctly prescribed tags and links are placed. Optimization task is to make your website the best in search engines “eyes”.
Promotion – is a long process that takes from 2 to 5 months, depending on the popularity of keywords. The more search engine shows pages on your desired request, the longer is the way up, because we have to prove to him that your site – the best and most appropriate for the category.
Here, we are proud to announce our results:
• 70% of sites, which we conducted the optimization and promotion, get on the first page within the first 2 months of low and mid-range requests,
• 94% of the sites for which the promotion was made, get themselves in the top -10 -5 after 4 months on the medium- and high-demand.