Technical support of the web page – is a room service (24/7/365).

There are thousands of reasons why a site may not work as desired. It may be faults in programs, viruses, DOS- attacks and failures of the server. In addition, the domain must be timely paid for. As for profitability, brought by the site, it can plummet, even if some pages are no longer open, or, for example, there will be problems at the stage of payment. However, if the site is unavailable for a few days, the search engines may downgrade its position significantly. That is why a constant professional control of your site is important.

Daily a full backup – just in case you need to restore the site.
Anti-virus protection and protection against attacks.
Every hour, our specialists carried out check of working capacity of the site – check whether all pages are opened and displayed properly if installed plugins are working properly.
Domain Management – management account and the extension of payment.
If there is damage, we promptly restore the performance of your site.

Support site

As a rule, in several months after the creation of the web page, there is a need to update it. This becomes necessary when you want to place the information on a new product or service, to adjust prices or terms of delivery. In addition, search engines “like” when the site regularly occur some updates, it signals to them that the page is still alive and well taken care of her. Therefore, regular updating and adding text and graphics, and possibly other functions, is a prerequisite for the prosperity of your site. Our experts will be happy to help you in this matter – at your service, our copywriter, marketer, designer and programmer.