Интернет-магазин деликатесов

Online Gift Basket and Culinary Delights store web design

Online store

Project description: to develop an online store for gift baskets and culinary delights


Submitted: 17.05.2014



  • Product search
  • User-friendly CMS
  • Tax calculator
  • Enhanced anti-spam and anti-hacking security
  • Mailing list
  • Page Visit Counter
  • Two and more supported languages
  • Product filter
  • Data synchronized with warehouse control by inventory or with supplier's database
  • Allows to list all payment and shipping alternatives available in customer's area
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Shipping cost calculator
  • Tax calculator
  • Return and warranty claim maintenance
  • Instant load on scrolling
  • Cross-browser layout
  • Parallel website administration
  • Online price calculator
  • Allows publishing content with restricted access that stimulates subscription or sharing in the social media
  • Automated news selection and publication by topics
  • Live support
  • Websites built with neuromarketing principles in mind
  • Social Media buttons