SEO –  Search Engine Optimization and Promotion

SEO –  Search Engine Optimization and Promotion

  • Ensuring stable sales
  • Get a result or get your money back
  • Increase in your website's revenue by an inflow of visitors
  • English, Russian, Czech, German, Spanish and other languages
What is SEO?

When your potential customer searches for your product or service, they will most likely use a search engine, Google for example.

According to the stats, 92% of internet users only visit websites that appear on the first page of  search results.

A Search Engine Optimization is the way to move your website to the first page or up to the TOP-10.

SEO, when carried out correctly, will attract more interested visitors to your website. 

The main goal of SEO is to make your website the first of choice for search engines.

What do we do for website promotion?
  • Conduct a market analysis: identifying competitors and current website positions
  • Carry out SEO, technical and user audit
  • Compose a semantic body (a set of keywords and phrases), by which your customers search for your business
  • Write or edit texts considering keywords
  • Arrange links and tags correctly
  • Formulate and carry out a link strategy

Internal optimization: adjust your website in accordance to search engine requirements by 148 factors

External optimization: make your site more presentable by adding organic links, which provide stable positions in search results

Influencing behavioral factors: improve a total of 129 criteria, which depend on how visitors behave on your website, which influences the site’s position in the TOP-10 search results

With SEO you will get:
  • A high number of interested visitors, who trust your website and are prepared to make an order
  • A beneficial marketing investment:

After reaching desired positions in search results, in most cases it is enough just to maintain the current position, which means you can lower your advertising expenses. Once you conduct optimization and promotion, you ensure your website’s position for a long time.

How much does SEO and website promotion cost?

The difficulty and duration of website promotion depends on many factors.

Because of that, we always calculate the prices for each website individually, based on he following parameters:

  • Domain age
  • Technical data (loading speed, errors, domain glue records, redirects)
  • CMS and programming language
  • Website quality (content, structure and commercial factors evaluation)
  • Geographical ownership
  • Existing positions in search results, filters
  • Quality and quantity of incoming links
  • Subject competitiveness (a criteria, which characterizes the difficulty of promotion in the thematic search results)

We will calculate the price for promoting your website

and send you a price quote within 4 working hours

In 2017 we promoted TO the TOP-10

Brenda Ferenčíková, owner

“I’m so grateful to the Profiset team for such an effective SEO campaign. It was the best investment decision we’ve ever made. We had to wait for the results but it all paid out well and ended up less expensive than contextual ads. All we need now is minimal tech support, the website runs smoothly with minimal effort.”

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