Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing  – advertising and promotion using social networks

Social Media Marketing  – advertising and promotion using social networks

  • Guaranteed audience gain
  • Increase in calls and orders
  • We work with all major social networks
  • We ensure brand recognition and building of trust
how we do it


 the web presence strategy

a clear plan of using social media to expand your business

  • marketing analysis of the target audience, the niche and competitors
  • selection of social networks
  • optimal posts number calculation
  • thematical distribution of content


accounts and groups

a quick and effective way to attract new customers from social networks

  • social networks selection
  • creation of accounts, groups and communities
  • industry matching unique style development
  • creation of accounts, albums and catalogues and filling them with content

set up


Your product is only shown to the interested audience

  • social networks selection
  • define the target audience for advertisement display
  • write a well-selling text and select appropriate photos
  • determine the time and display frequency



user involvement using groups, accounts and communities

  • attract new subscribers
  • promo posts with your logo
  • materials posting
  • surveys, contests, special offers
  • communication with subscribers
why is social media promotion effective?
suits virtually every industry
a quick way to inform customers about new products or services
direct cooperation with clients, an additional communication channel
a positive impact on the website's position in search results

Law firm

Project description: to attract new loyal customers

Promotion started: 10.04.2016

  • request increase: +67%
  • client base increase; +21% monthly
  • conversion rate: 34%

“In our field clients prefer to choose their lawyer based on the recommendations of the people they know. Because of that Facebook promotion was an excellent solution. We thank Profiset for organizing the advertising.”

Erika Vani, manager

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