Website audit

Website audit – a thorough revision of your website to increase its efficiency

Website audit – 

a thorough revision of your website to increase its efficiency

Website audit a thorough revision of your website to increase its efficiency

  • Website's correct functioning
  • Search results position improvement
  • Increase in orders
  • Price from 200 € (5 000 CZK),5+ working days production time





an audit includes:

1. Usability evaluation

  • User behavior analysis on the website
  • Design analysis basen on psychological perception
  • Structure analysis of the whole website and individual pages
  • Analysis of navigation convenience
  • Content analysis (relevance, informativity, readability)
  • Changes/module addition recommendations

2. Technical diagnostics

  • Server response and website loading speed analysis, graphics optimization
  • HTML markup analysis
  • HTML and site map analysis
  • Domains gluing a redirects check
  • robots.txt accuracy analysis
  • Checking for faulty links, errors and viruses

3. SEO analysis

  • Semantic core quality evaluation
  • Meta, Н, strong and em group tags analysis
  • Checking texts for keywords
  • Uniqueness analysis of the content
  • Incoming and outgoing links analysis
  • Interlinking check
  • Checking for presence on basic catalogs

4. Marketing audit

  • Neuromarketing principles correspondence analysis
  • Competitors' linking strategy analysis
  • Analysis of factors that are responsible for trust and a will to buy
  • Analyzing for visit motivating modules
  • Analyzing social media distribution modules
  • Checking the accuracy of product positioning
  • Analysis of speed, comfort and simplicity of contacting and purchasing
after an audit you get:


  • A thorough description of your website's functioning quality
  • A detailed description of errors and weaknesses
  • An explaination of how those flaws affect your website's efficiency


  • A step-by-step manual for error correction
  • Instructions on making changes
  • Recommendations on introducing new functional modules

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