Website Overhaul

WEBSITE OVERHAUL  –  redesigning your website in accordance with modern-day srandards

WEBSITE OVERHAUL  – redesigning your website in accordance with modern-day srandards

  • Achieve an increase in sales
  • Adapt your website to suit all devices
  • Add new functional options
  • Make your website up-to-date, attractive and easy to use
  • Price from 300 € (7700 CZK), 10+ days production time
After an overhaul your website is:
adaptive and protected
  • Mobile version develpoment
  • A correct imaging in all browsers
  • Spam and cracking protection installation
manageable and functional
  • Making the website simple to manage on your own
  • Providing a smooth trouble free operation of the website
  • Adding new functions


good-looking and user-friendly
  • Increasing aesthetic qualities of the website
  • Modern layout — stunning photos and sales-increasing texts
  • Changes in website's structure to attract new visitors and clients


cozy and attractive
  • Introducing elements that increase trust to the website
  • Implementing modules that motivate visitors to share on social media
  • Usability characteristics improvement
search engines' favourite
  • Loading time reduction
  • Website update in accordance with search engine requirements
  • SEO parameters improvement
our website overhaul and redesign portfolio

A printing office corporate website, Prague


Office supplies online store, Russia


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